Monday, 23 May 2016

Fragrance: Beyonce Heat Rush EDT

beyonce perfume heat rush image
Over the last few weeks, my colleague and I have been hunting for interns. We've been hand picking the best candidates, and interviewing them. Our third and final intern was secured last week, and I'm pretty sure that apart from her stellar CV, likeable persona and familiarity with the company, that I was instantly swayed by how good she smelt.

About five minutes into our interview, I just had to ask her what she was wearing. To me, it was very reminiscent of the short lived SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, which to this day is one of my favourite perfumes. I've seen it back in stock recently, but not had the opportunity to get it. Instantly, I was adamant I needed this perfume. It's also quite similar to the fruity perfumes released by Escada every summer, if that's something that floats your boat.

Our intern, Rebecca, informed us that it was "Just a Beyonce one", she showed us the bottle and we were both calculating how much money we had left until pay day. To cut a long story drastically short, I left the office for lunch and came back with Beyonce Heat Rush instead of a cheese and pickle sandwich.

The great news is that it's almost always on offer. I found this in Boots for £18.25, but it can be found on Amazon for under £12. That's always one of the benefits of celebrity fragrances, they're almost always discounted.

beyonce perfume heat rush imageI usually use celebrity fragrances as my handbag perfumes. I don't tend to use all of my Chanel/Coco Mademoiselle, Chloe/Love Story or Vera Wang/Lovestruck (mainly because I'm far too poor to replace them), so I tend to grab something cheaper for day to day spritzing.

beyonce perfume heat rush image
Heat Rush's top notes include passionfruit, blood orange and Brazilian cherry, while boasting middle notes of orange blossom, hibiscus and orchid. With warm and lighter base notes of teakwood and amber, Heat Rush is perfectly balanced, and what I consider to be the ideal summer fragrance. It's sweet, tropical, and we all know I love anything that smells like a cocktail. I can only describe it as a "happy" scent, and I've been reaching for it non stop.

In terms of longevity, I find this lasts for up to four hours, which isn't terrible- and is actually pretty average in terms of how long a fragrance will stick to my skin.