Monday, 30 May 2016

Beauty: Paul Mitchell MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment

marula hair oil image paul mitchell
Rare Oil Treatment - £33.95/50ml

If you have seen me at any point during the last year, you will have probably noticed that my hair has gone from Pretty Little Liars long to Rapunzel long. I'm not sitting on my hair or anything (and please take the scissors to my head before that happens), but I am enjoying the benefits of L'oreal style hair flicks and low maintenance waves. I'm also too pitifully poor to pay for my usual cut and colour at my salon.

That said, I have a lot of hair. It's also no secret that I absolutely despise washing my hair at the best of times, and anything that adds even more time to this process is usually a no-go from me. It's not that I'm lazy (lie), it's that it takes a great deal of mental preparation to deal with washing, conditioning and drying so much hair. Seriously, my arms ache and I'm not Popeye, its a lot of work.

However, I do usually try to deep condition my hair and avoid heat styling my hair more than once or twice a week. I'm always looking for a quick way to hydrate the ends of my hair, as it gets longer I'm trying to protect and preserve it as much as humanly possible.Trying to do that while being one of the laziest people on the planet when it comes to hair, is a bit of a muddle.

Luckily for me, I was recently invited to a press dinner by Salon Success, the PR team behind the Paul Mitchell haircare range. I was gifted with a selection of products, but one of my favourites so far has been the oil treatment.

marula hair oil image paul mitchell
First things first, believe me when I say- use this sparingly. The first time I used this, everything was wonderful and I felt like Blake Lively. The second time, I got a bit too excited with it. Although when I dried my hair I felt like it was soft and nourished, I woke up the next day and had to plait my hair into an Elsa style braid in the car to hide the very visible oil in my highlights. Luckily, I'd only applied it from half way down my hair, and my reasoning was that I have very long, thick, mermaid style hair that needs all the help it can get.

After using different oils on my hair in the past, I'd mistakenly thought I'd need more than 3 drops. Massive schoolboy error, right there.Trust me when I tell you that a little of this really will go a long way, even with a lion's mane like mine. This stuff is the elixir of hydration that all coarse hair has been waiting for.

If you've bleached or damaged your tresses, or generally suffer from very dried out hair, I'd really encourage you to look into this. It makes a world of difference in a short amount of time, which is ideal for those of us who are far too busy to invest in haircare solutions that take their sweet time getting to work. We all love a shortcut, and this is a great one.
marula hair oil image paul mitchell

What's the difference?
Marula oil has been birthed from the fruit of the marula tree, a beloved and essential resource in southern Africa. This particular treatment only uses the oil from the first extraction of the cold press process, ensuring it maintains the maximum amount of oleic acids and makes it one of the highest performance oils out there.

Additionally, MarulaOil boasts higher antioxidents, making it a better performing oil than it's long time rival, argan oil.With it's high concentration of nutrients and minerals, the MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment has an immediate restorative effect. The only noticeable difference that I discovered while using it is that argan oil feels a lot lighter, but that's not something that generally bothers me as I'm pretty much used to carrying a lot of extra weight around on my head.

*This post contains gifted items