Monday, 30 May 2016

Beauty: Paul Mitchell MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment

marula hair oil image paul mitchell
Rare Oil Treatment - £33.95/50ml

If you have seen me at any point during the last year, you will have probably noticed that my hair has gone from Pretty Little Liars long to Rapunzel long. I'm not sitting on my hair or anything (and please take the scissors to my head before that happens), but I am enjoying the benefits of L'oreal style hair flicks and low maintenance waves. I'm also too pitifully poor to pay for my usual cut and colour at my salon.

That said, I have a lot of hair. It's also no secret that I absolutely despise washing my hair at the best of times, and anything that adds even more time to this process is usually a no-go from me. It's not that I'm lazy (lie), it's that it takes a great deal of mental preparation to deal with washing, conditioning and drying so much hair. Seriously, my arms ache and I'm not Popeye, its a lot of work.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Words on paper

Sometimes creativity abandons its master. A muse wants to be free, and will do anything to stay that way.

Working in PR does little to help this. 

Before anyone launches into full on defence mode, hear me out. I write a lot of copy. I produce my fair share of press releases, blogs and web content, and without much thought there are words on white paper. Black ink in Times New Roman, size 12. I can type until it makes sense, and I can do it in a way which pleases everyone (or at least I hope so).

Typing everyday means that on occasion, words blur together. They don't hold much meaning, and they're just a means to an end. These words serve their purpose, and I start to search for more. Sometimes they come out violently, and at other times, arrive stiff with boredom.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Fragrance: Beyonce Heat Rush EDT

beyonce perfume heat rush image
Over the last few weeks, my colleague and I have been hunting for interns. We've been hand picking the best candidates, and interviewing them. Our third and final intern was secured last week, and I'm pretty sure that apart from her stellar CV, likeable persona and familiarity with the company, that I was instantly swayed by how good she smelt.

About five minutes into our interview, I just had to ask her what she was wearing. To me, it was very reminiscent of the short lived SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, which to this day is one of my favourite perfumes. I've seen it back in stock recently, but not had the opportunity to get it. Instantly, I was adamant I needed this perfume. It's also quite similar to the fruity perfumes released by Escada every summer, if that's something that floats your boat.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


You cannot see Lady Liberty’s feet, but if you look closely she is actually standing between a broken shackle and chains. With her right foot raised, she leaves behind the oppression of the past.
Some time ago, we held our heads high with empty eyes and we looked away from each other. Somehow, we had become statues of the people we used to be, tall and dignified like monuments watching over old cities. You were as cold as the weather that day, and I noticed that your face was sharp and broken. My mouth was pink and bitten, stained with leftover lipstick.

I stared out of the window, focused on the branches silhouetted against a wide lilac sky. The winter had been heavy and tedious, and they said it was meant to snow that day.

Two hours later, there was no sign of the storm. 

You flicked on the kettle and I waited for words to boil.

Tea, one sugar.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Favourite Yankee Candles

yankee candle image
 Here's a little nugget about me, I have a candle problem. A really big one.

Yes, I am that basic, and do I even care?

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Anatomy of a Lie

Everybody lies, and still, we're always asking why.

Everybody can lie to protect themselves or other people, everybody can lie by omission, and everyone can inhibit the truth.

My problem is that I'm allergic to burying the truth.

I'll admit, I can tell a little white lie if I have to. Occasionally, a lie is necessary. Sometimes, it's sweeter to swallow.