Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lessons from Cardiff Dogs' Home

rescue dog image
I've rewritten this three times. I've told different dogs' stories, I've switched pictures and descriptions. Yet, I've struggled to encapsulate what I've really learned from volunteering. I'll try this one last time, and maybe I'll get somewhere.
I told myself I would go back to volunteering as soon as my bones were healed, as soon as my body would allow me to move. I told myself it was an exercise in recovery. After a harrowing few months, I was never going to be emotionally ready. I had to rip the stitches. I would never volunteer for the glory or humble brag, or just for something to do. I loved these dogs, and I wanted to make a difference, even if that difference was five minutes spent at the front of their kennel. Those five minutes can make their groundhog day a better day.
Ellie - Rehomed October 2015