Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Last Time

fireworks image
Most people don't know when it's the last time. For most of us, change is abrupt. We don't know that the last time is coming, or that these moments are finite. We don't know it's time to write the ending, or that we'll try to rewrite it's final word.

I think our stories are some of my favourites to tell. I write about you more than the rest, because you have an equal opportunity to become the hero or villain of the story. I never quite know which one you'll be until the very end. Usually, my words tip the scales in your favour.

For a time, there had been radio silence between us. There were different people and other bodies, and there were times I blamed you for my behaviour. You didn't know this, of course. Our dalliance came full circle a year after it began, and I threw myself away soon after.