Monday, 10 November 2014

Remember Me, The Girl Who Changed Your Life

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This is truth of our pasts: we have all changed each other. We made a subtle mark, we left footprints, and we created memories. You see, I always talk about how everyone else has changed me, or how someone's actions changed the way I think or the way I operate. I always turn them into one of two things: a villain or a hero, and I never think of myself the same way. We're not victims, and we have enough power to make or break another human being, to hurt another heart.

But we all do this. We all remember moments in our lives defined by who orchestrated them, and who cut us open. We never think about what we have done to others, and when we do, we do so by thinking we did it for the best. We justify it. We underestimate our influence, we strip away our value and ignore our power. 

I never really thought about it before. What my behaviour or my words may have done for others, or what it might have done to them. What I mean is, the breakups, nasty fights and battle wounds, they left us all damaged even if it wasn't forever. No one won my wars, and no one claimed a triumphant victory. We all just survived.