Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Haircare: Old Wives Tail Hair Oil

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My hair is my crowning glory. Sadly, there was one devastating point in my life where my hair was neglected, straw-like and tired. Due to over curling, over colouring and a general commitment to re-creating the hair of Blake Lively, I pretty much wrecked my hair. I gradually started taking care of my hair, and after years of reversing the damage it has become a healthy beacon of hope. At least I think so, anyway. So when new haircare company Old Wives Tail got in touch, I leaped at the chance to treat my hair.

Old Wives Tail produce organic and completely home-made hair care products. All products are vegan and they pledge to donate 10% of profits to animal welfare charities. Animal testing is an issue that plagues the cosmetics industry, as an influx of beauty giants find loopholes to enable painful suffering on masses of cute and fluffy faces. At it's core, Old Wives Tail aims to eradicate all forms of animal testing. The story behind their conception is fairly nifty, and you can check it out in it's entirety at their website.

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Jojoba and Clove Organic Oil Treatment 100ml, £13.99 + free worldwide delivery

The directions are simple- you apply a generous amount of oil to wet hair, and leave it for about an hour. You then wash your hair as normal, taking care to wash all of the oil away. For the last few months, my hair has been suffering due to working in an environment less suitable for happy hair. There was also some bad time management on my part, so it was well overdue for some sort of treatment. At first sight, the pot appears fairly limited if you have long or thick hair. Honestly, I cannot stress enough that there is a lot of product in the tub so you definitely get your money's worth.

Admittedly, I couldn't avoid the fact that I smelt like an overly excited Christmas tree for an hour, but I love me some Christmas, so that's a bonus. The oil that I used was the combination of jojoba and cloves, and the cloves are definitely a heady scent. After washing and drying my hair as normal (with the exception of being slightly more rigorous with the shampoo), I will be honest and admit that I didn't feel a tremendous difference instantly. However, the the next day my hair felt healthier and actually looked smoother.

In the week that has passed since I last used the oil, my hair still feels strong and healthy. If you are looking for an ethical beauty company to add to your list, definitely give one of OWT products a fair chance. In essence, they want to protect every hair on our heads, while never harming those on a bunny.

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