Saturday, 18 October 2014

Autumn Favourites: October Appreciation

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The first time I notice the Autumn change is probably one of my favourite moments of the entire year. It usually happens on an early September morning, when there's a silent shift in the air. Everything is crisper, fresher and the air is finally free from the contamination of summer and sunscreen. Coffee shop tables are are no longer smudged with melted ice cream. That moment is when my mind obsesses over Octobers and conkers, and a textured world of reds and burnt orange. 
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Images 1,2,3 found on Pinterest, images 4 and 5 from my own Instagram

By now, we're all aware and grateful that clothing is much easier in the colder months. Layering simple shirts, warm plaids, tartans and as many boots as we can afford make getting ready for the day a much more enjoyable task. Then there's the added benefit of fluffy socks, thick tights (although, I loathe tights all year around), and scarves in thick wools of cranberry, emerald and cream.
red lipsticks image, best fall make up imageTop: OPI Gaining Mole-Mentum (Muppet's Most Wanted Collection, found at TK Maxx)
OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number (TK Maxx)
Essie in Vested Interest
Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Candy Apple
MAC in Rebel
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Mrs Mia Wallace (Limited Edition)
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 Bag - New Look
Oversized grey sweatshirt - Next (Sale)
Cream fluffy socks - Primark
Powder blue chiffon shirt - Primark
Check shirt - Primark 

Pulling out last year's cosy knits is one of life's greatest joys. Any opportunity to hide the effects of my intense love affair with complex carbohydrates is something I'm a fan of. Then there are the limitless opportunities to buy new fuzzy pyjamas and wear them all day, everyday. It's fine because it's Autumn. Autumn welcomes you to be the lazy slob that you really are, while enabling your fetish for berry toned lipstick. I love you, Autumn. Never leave me.

I also love expressing my excitement for the season. If you follow my Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest accounts you will be nodding your head in quiet amusement. Basic white girling is a favourite fall activity of mine, but you just wait until December arrives- you've seen nothing yet.
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Speaking of activities, walking is also preferable in the chillier seasons. Personally I find that there is nothing more devastating to my day than walking around with sticky skin and children bumping into me at every careless turn. Autumn walks are much more peaceful, when the little monsters are back in school and I can be left alone to hoard all the conkers for myself (while we're on the subject, I'll take all the pine cones too). Conker picking is wasted on the youth, it's also a serious hazard- honestly, I'm doing you all a favour. The only sound on your walks through the parks will be the crunch of leaves, the swift glide of hungry ducks and the giddy excitement of dogs on their daily adventure.
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One of my favourite things is this: Autumn scented everything. Spicy oranges, woodland walks and a timeless favourite- apple and cinnamon. I'm even okay with body lotions that smell like a pumpkin or salted caramel whatever, just smother me in it. Smelling like food is attractive, okay?

We also have a whole new taste palate for Autumn. This is always dominated by anything pumpkin spice, cinnamon or toffee apple, and we can never get enough. It's also pie season, soup season and a party of happy comfort food. I can't forget the fact that we can now drink hot chocolate and not feel the guilt of the summer health obsession. Who am I kidding? I never feel guilty. Why? Because seasonal food guilt tastes like lettuces, and I'm not going to replicate the eating habits of a rabbit.

The only thing I hate about the Autumn is that it leaves without saying goodbye. It's over as soon as it began, although maybe that's why we're committed to appreciating it. It prepares us for the upcoming icy chill of December, and it gives us the richest and warmest of visuals.

One day, it's gone. We wake to find that in the middle of the night it has traded places with winter. We find rain and silver clouds where red leaves once fell. We feel no sorrowful goodbye like with the finale of Summer regret, and we express no appreciative farewell like with the Spring that thawed us from the ice of the snowy months. We let Autumn go, perhaps it's just as fickle as we are.