Friday, 5 September 2014

An Anonymous Look Inside NATO's Ring of Steel

NATO summit 2014 image, cardiff, wales, obama image
"The fear is that our next greatest export is extremism." - Anonymous

This week, the visuals of Cardiff and Newport have emulated scenes from a disaster movie, a torn warzone, and a gritty crime drama. Let's not forget my favourite comparison: Jurassic Park. There are 12 miles of steel fencing surrounding the area, and the closed roads have become a wind tunnel of stony silence outside Cardiff Castle during the hours of Thursday morning. At least, that was until the working dinner held at the Castle later that evening, where the street was sieged by protesters and interested locals. Several arrests were made during the evening, and one could sense the sheer paranoia that shadowed the event. If you looked in one direction, you had marches from police horses, and in another you had snipers in place.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Everyone In Their Twenties Is Lost

“I know what you mean though, about feeling lost.”

She had finished university 3 years ago. She’d found a well-paid and stable job at a company she liked, one that coincided with her own personal interests. She’d quietly stacked building blocks to improve her self-esteem, and she was comfortable. But it was like the puzzle piece that looks like it should fit, and you end up forcing it in.

This girl is my friend.