Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Where I've been: blogging, blunders and being busy.

I know, I know. It's been a while. The truth is, I have a  growing myriad of half written posts and new products to blog about. The thing I haven't had? Time.

I've been travelling between Cardiff and Pembrokeshire, on a last ditch attempt to make some quick cash. I've gone back to one of my old summer jobs for money after one of my grand ideas went disastrously pear shaped. Not that you want to know the details but one tip: When someone says they'll pay you, do everything you can to make them pay up or you'll end up in my situation.

Don't feel so sad for me though Munchkins, as ever there is a silver lining or two. I'm getting quite good at spotting them now, which is growth. Can I get a hallelujah for growing up?

Image credit: WeHeartIt
While you might have missed me on here, I have still been writing for GenTwenty. Here are the posts you can catch up on:

I was also published on Not once, but twice. The first was a very proud and self fulfilling moment for me. I had come home from a blogging event and automatically went to Elite Daily for my usual evening read. There I was. And I was above the fold. I desperately needed that moment to come to me, and it was the closest I have ever come to feeling accomplished since graduating in July 2012. 

I also felt it was a sign from the heavens that I was writing for a publication with the word Elite firmly embedded in it's brand. "Elite" is a word that has negative connotations in the wrong circles, but it is a golden pedestal I have always tried to claw my way towards. Call it Gossip Girl complex, but I desperately need to be the best of the best. For so long I have found myself circling the drains with the masses of graduates who struggled to make ends meet, and so this was progress in it's best form.

When you become a contributing writer for Elite, you are aware that due to the high level of submissions that only a select few are chosen to appear online. The editing process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, so it's something you almost forget about. When you see your articles appear in their feed, you get that electrifying jolt of excitement. They are pegged as the next HuffPost for Millennials, and with 40m unique monthly visitors they have a knack for creating viral content. If you're interested in writing for them, you can fill out a form on their website.

If there is one lesson I can leave you with today, it is this. With misfires and blunders come experience. When something burns right down to cold ash, you can refuse to. You can count on me being around a little more from now on. I'm back, and I haven't fizzled out.  Bisou bisou.