Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Accessories Edit: feat.

More than anything else in my wardrobe, I am a full on lover of accessories and magpie attracting jewellery. For as long my aging brain can remember, I have lived on a budget- and I firmly believe you can recreate and accentuate an outfit by some tactical and well placed accessorising. The only thing I value more than a diverse collection of jewellery, scarves and bags is a well made navy blazer and the perfect pink lipstick.

The problem I generally have is finding somewhere that feeds my insatiable need for all things pretty, while being affordable and quality driven. At some point while scrolling through Twitter, I came across and found myself lusting over their products featured on their feed.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to: Summer Nails with Urban Decay Electric

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I have a not so mind blowing confession. I am an helpless addict to Urban Decay, and by the amount of products that have popped up on this blog you have probably noticed. It's official, I can no longer walk past a counter without dabbling with a little something something. The beautiful girls at the Cardiff counter are also my shameless enablers, and there is not one person who can tell me to stop. I need to stop going to the UD counter, or I'll be broke and depressed. But at least I'll have nice things, right?

Like a chivalrous gentleman, Rhys promised me a present. So I went on a mini haul a couple of weeks ago and I picked up the Electric nail trio. The set costs £10, and for 3 miniatures I think it's a sweet deal. As we finally transition into warmer months I wanted a little colour injection for my make up collection, and this is obviously a simple and cost effective way to update your look.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Being pro choice doesn't mean I hate children

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The more I live my life, the more I see that the world isn't a black and white place. Life is knotty and messy. It is complicated and people live their lives in grey areas. Women are more than baby bearing machines, and men are more than sperm donors. No opinion holds more weight due to gender, and who am I to tell you what you believe?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pieboy Clothing: Urban Grey Bobble Hat

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Born in 2011, Pieboy are an urban hat brand that love "everything street". They created a range of bobble hats that have created a buzz by fast becoming a staple among university students. Pieboy also have their very own range of Varsity hats, where you can purchase one that declares your university solidarity. They also developed a hashtag on Twitter, and if you tweet #MyPieBoyHat you are in with the chance to win merchandise every Friday. A very clever move by this upcoming brand, as we see more and more companies offering a personal incentive to get involved on social media.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

7 Men we all have to learn from in our 20's

Cinderella found her prince at the ball. Sleeping Beauty waited to be woken. Rapunzel waited for a man to free her. In the fairytales, the princesses do their fair share of waiting for one man. While we experience more than one male presence in our lives, our refusal to do the waiting is evident. We won't be rescued, and we won't swoon at first impressions across a dimly lit ballroom. We will learn from the men that flit away like hummingbirds, and equally from the men who remain constant.

Obviously, men are tricky. They eventually transition from cocky boys to even cockier men, but there are the other men in your life who play their part too. There are the rage inducing family members, who will have your best interests are heart no matter how they seem to approach it. There are your friends. There are the great loves of your life. There are the tragic romances, which left us picking ourselves up from the bathroom floor. Granted, sometimes we were picking ourselves up due to one too many swigs of tequila, but it was all in the name of self improvement.

Where I've been: blogging, blunders and being busy.

I know, I know. It's been a while. The truth is, I have a  growing myriad of half written posts and new products to blog about. The thing I haven't had? Time.

I've been travelling between Cardiff and Pembrokeshire, on a last ditch attempt to make some quick cash. I've gone back to one of my old summer jobs for money after one of my grand ideas went disastrously pear shaped. Not that you want to know the details but one tip: When someone says they'll pay you, do everything you can to make them pay up or you'll end up in my situation.

Don't feel so sad for me though Munchkins, as ever there is a silver lining or two. I'm getting quite good at spotting them now, which is growth. Can I get a hallelujah for growing up?