Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Goldilocks reviews: Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Cardiff

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Last Thursday was a particularly dismal day in Cardiff, and so after running some errands with Rhys we braved a walk in the unpredictable spits of rain to grab a cup of tea. We knew where we wanted to go for a quiet lunch, as we are trying to pick out some new culinary favourites. Word of mouth had placed Pettigrew Tea Rooms at the top of our list. Also, tea is very important to me. I consider it vital to a well rounded existence. If tea isn't important to you then you have offended me and we can't be friends, I'm sorry.

Back to Pettigrew Tea Rooms. It's location is it's selling point, despite feeling as though you've only stumbled upon it. It is snuggled at the entrance of Bute Park, and from it's kitchen windows you can see the scenic frosty landscape of the city's park.

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Upon walking inside, you'll feel like you have gone to your Nan's for tea. This is what I loved about it. It borders between traditional and quirky, and is quintessentially British. With it's dark rosewood display cabinets, and stacks of detailed tea cups and fanciful saucers it makes you feel at home. Each table is adorned with a tiny glass vase of fresh flowers and carved wooden table numbers. All I kept thinking was how much effort it must have taken, and wondered how many people stole these little vases. They were adorable, seriously.

The menu includes a vast collection of teas, an assortment of coffees and boasts afternoon teas, homemade cakes, fresh soup and sandwiches. The ambiance is completely relaxed and you will never feel rushed out the door. The interior is so warm and cosy that it is a safe haven from the tempestuous Welsh weather.
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Despite the fact that the city has become saturated with copy cat coffee shops and some pretentious clientele, Cardiff is having a tea moment. We've seen the launch of new favourite Barker Tea House in the last few months, but Pettigrew Tearooms has been an unbeatable staple among tea connoisseurs since opening it's doors in March 2012.  It's journey was narrated and chronicled by it's owner David Le Masurier, who blogged about his dream to open this traditional tea room.

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If you have any favourite tea or coffee spots in Cardiff, leave me some suggestions in the comments! Like I said, tea is important but I'm open to all warm beverages. Cardiff is getting massacred by the clinical chain coffee shop. Stop the brutality, support local business.