Thursday, 13 February 2014

Beauty Blogger Event: An evening with Urban Decay

urban decay beauty blogger event
As any regular reader of my blog is aware, I am completely besotted with Urban Decay and so far most of my reviews have been UD related. I try to stick to what works, which means I always invest my money in this reliable brand. They are known for their famous eyeshadow palettes, and miracle working eyeliners. I was lucky enough to be invited to a beauty blogger event held in Cardiff. The event was hosted by the ladies at Urban Decay in Debenhams, and it was nothing like you would imagine.

It was a conscious choice by Urban Decay that there was a relatively small group of us, it was much more of an intimate blogger event than you would have initially imagined. This is what gave the evening it's charming curiosity, as it created the impression of being a girly gathering of cupcakes, gossip and make up tips, more than being an awkward sales pitch of products for us to buy. We were hosted by Urbanettes Haddie and Ffion, who were on hand to give us all the information you really need to know about products- such as the tips you might not figure out yourself for a while. The girls were two of the most enthusiastic but laid back hosts you could ever have the pleasure of spending an evening with, and I think we all left with an incredible need to force them into being our new best friends. What impressed me the most was how natural they seemed to find it all- this wasn't some pre-conceived master plan to lure us all in to trusting the brand and it's people. They built an easy rapport with us, knew our names individually and never let a glass go empty of sparkling strawberry joy. Attention to detail, you can't go too wrong with that.

The overall event lasted two hours, and we were treated to individual foundation match ups and samples, make up tips and tricks, and some adorable cupcakes. Each cupcake boasted a generous serving of fresh buttercream, carefully adorned with the names of the new Naked lipglosses. I was most looking forward to toying with the highly coveted Naked3 palette, and I will admit it is completely worth all the hype. Even the most wary of the group found themselves seduced by it's flattering rose gold tones and exclusive shades.
urban decay cosmetics beauty blogger event

urban decay naked lipgloss

urban decay make up artist

urban decay cosmetics naked skin

urban decay blogger cupcakes

We were also completely shocked and flattered by the gift bags that Urban Decay had arranged for us. As we picked up our individual gifts, they were handed to us in beautifully branded gift bags, carefully put together with patriarch purple bows.We were treated to a generous fix of six full size products, including two of the newly launched Naked glosses and the Naked Flushed powder trio palette. Also included was all the factual details about the products. Reading material and products to keep me pretty, you really do know the way to my heart. I don't think any of us expected such beautiful gifts at a small event in Cardiff, and we were gobsmacked at the generosity shown to us.
urban decay blogger gift bags, naked flushed, lipstick, b6

urban decay native lipstick pink

As I am already a fan of the brand, I need no winning over. Each product will be tested and reviewed individually and as always I promise my honest opinion. But first, I need to play with my Naked3 palette. See you all after my game of makeovers.

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