Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"I am Blair Waldorf, Blair Waldorf is me."

Blair Waldorf, gossip girl
Whenever I need a swift nudge in the right direction or I have that overwhelming feeling of not achieving enough, I turn to one of my fictional heroes- the Queen B.

Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, although certainly flawed, is an active protagonist who when she realises she isn't getting what she wants, will do whatever she needs to get it. Granted, throughout six seasons this had a habit of blowing up in her face in spectacular fashion- but the intention was still there. Our Queen B was so quick witted and classically put together, with a slick of berry stained lip gloss and unruffled hair, that we knew we couldn't abandon our need to inherit even the smallest Waldorf-isms. Blair Waldorf was never one for modesty but she was a visionary in her own right for passionate young women in the midst of finding themselves, and for those on the painstaking quest of finding the essence of their power.

For most of us, we don't have the sacred pot of gold- also known as the rich girl trust fund. We also don't have glossy blonde socialites as best friends. We are grateful for that last part, because who needs to feel even worse about having short legs and a less than perfect bone structure? What we lack in affluent wealth, glittering treasures and fine breeding, we make up for in attitude and a hint of intellectual snobbery. The latter we apologise for, unless you ruffle our feathers. We also apologise (maybe) for throwing you a lingering look of repulsion upon passing you on the street, unless you think tights are pants in which case, no.

We are not perfect either, and God forbid you see us first thing in the morning. But we try not to make ourselves look any worse than we have to, so please- stop with the crop tops and all will be well. We don't enjoy the admission that we are ordinary human beings- we struggle to avoid carbohydrates, we can't even imagine stepping foot in a gym and we sometimes have the grace of Bambi after a few vodka lemonades. However we are well read, well educated, and well versed in all things Waldorf.

One of the things we have learnt while growing up with our B is using our power for good and our heroine has some much needed words of wisdom for when times get unbearably turbulent. We are reminded never to forget our self worth, to remain dignified, and rise to defeat whatever stands in our way of becoming the refined and successful creature we were destined to be.

BW on the future:
Source: Wordpress
BW on the importance of networking:
"You do realise I know everyone personally, right?"

BW on playing to win:
“Here is the thing. You have to be cold to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought with her heart, and ended up getting her head chopped off. But her daughter Elizabeth, vowed to never marry a man. She married a country. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You cant make people love you but you can make them fear you.”
Source: Tumblr
BW on idols:
"Hillary Clinton is one of my role models, I do not break break treaties, you ass."

BW on the power of information:
"Invoke the order of the secrets."

BW on playing nice:
Blair Waldorf, gossip girl
Source: Tumblr
BW on her competitors:
"Let go of me, you classless cling on!"

BW on fate:
"Destiny is for losers, it's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen."

BW on sleep:
"Great leaders only need 3 hours, mine just happen to be non-consecutive."

BW on the help:
"It's so hard finding obedient minions."

Eleanor Waldorf on BW:
"You did instill fear into the hearts of many."

Place that headband carefully on top of your conditioned mane of cascading waves, and get ready to battle on through the hard times. Get ready to salute, aspiring UES'ers- for only a queen can weather a storm.

Image source (unedited): Gossip Girl Facebook page/The CW.

First and last image edited by myself.