Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Goldilocks reviews: Urban Decay Naked3 24/7 Eyeliner

Urban Decay Naked 3 review

Yes, I know. I apologise, I haul Urban Decay and I just can't stop. I also know what works for me, and this is a brand that delivers time and time again.

I proudly own Naked2 and it is the reliable and sturdy best friend I wish I had found sooner. It literally saves my face on a daily basis and there's an endless amount of looks you can create with it. However, I already own a lot of 24/7 eyeliners and the Naked3 one was a better match for me.

urban decay eyeliner review

£12 at Debenhams
This is a bargain, and you need to get it while you can. The other 24/7 Glide On eyeliners retail at £14, but the double ended Naked eyeliners are a steal at only £12. As with all Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, the formula is ridiculously creamy. This means it doesn't drag your skin or scratch your lovely and delicate eyeballs, which is fantastic news for everyone. I swear by these eyeliners and after trying out a lot of different high end brands and cheaper alternatives, these are easily my favourites. You can guarantee there will never any smudging but only a slight fading after a long day- but you can smudge them with a brush pretty easily if you want to soften your look.

As for the colours, these are so decadent that I never want to use anything else. These colours feel exclusive, and you feel like you're getting a quality product simply from the shades that are available. Blackheart is the crown jewel here, it's your staple matte black with a micro burgundy glitter and is probably my most loved out of any black eyeliner I've ever bought. Although with one stroke it is fairly light, you can build up on it very easily. Darkside is a a warm plummy brown colour and although it's meant to co-ordinate with Naked3, I think it's a great match for the Tease eyeshadow in Naked2.

urban decay naked 3
Urban Decay Naked 3

My absolutely favourite part of this product is the price. I went to the till knowing I shouldn't spend £12 on an eyeliner, as I need to become much more financially frugal due to my new found unemployment. Much to my delight, my previous shopping extravaganzas - mainly due to the festive season, had earned me enough Beauty Club points to get £10 off. Yes, you read that correctly. This little darling only cost me £2 and I swear I didn't shut up about it for at least 3 days.

As pointed out before, Urban Decay is also vegan friendly and cruelty free. Although I doubt you're going to try to eat a Naked palette at least you know there are some happy fluffy faces out there. Who doesn't love happy bunnies?