Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Goldilocks reviews: My Beauty Compare

Searching for the right beauty product can kill any sort of excitement you had at treating yourself. It's a buzzkill, and we all know it. We have all spent hours searching blogs, looking for swatches and reading reviews. Most of us turn to beauty bloggers, and I love their honesty and persistence when it comes to to reviewing their new beauty buys, they have this credibility that can't be found elsewhere. But unfortunately, we don't all have the same skin types or lifestyles, so while some will accessorise their faces with black bags under the eyeballs on a daily basis, an equal amount will not, and it becomes difficult to know what sort of product suits our needs and circumstances.

This is where MyBeautyCompare comes in. I was not aware of this website until I was contacted by the lovely Hannah from the company, who gave me some information about it. MyBeautyCompare is essentially the GoCompare for make up and hair productswithout the annoyance of the adverts and a moustache you want to rip off. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it's so much more than you think. While when you sign up you get the newsletter, you are asked to fill out a personalised form where you select your age, skin and hair types, eye colour, and other useful bits of information like your daily water consumption, and average hours of sleep per night. So you can find personal recommendations, as well as finding the cheapest place to buy your product.

It's not just the beloved blogger favourites that appear on there either, they have a vast collection (it's almost an anthology) of different products. They also include reviews, and have their own blog.  The best thing is that this condenses our search time in finding our must have products at the best prices, I'm always hopping between tabs trying to compare prices from department stores, online boutiques and discount websites and this saves the hassle. For most of us, time is a hot commodity and we simply don't have enough of it to spread around, and a website like this is a welcome addition to our internet favourites.

The marvellous thing about this company, is that they don't pay brands, magazines or popular bloggers to promote them to audiences or the target consumer. The team behind the website seem to understand that although the popular bloggers are influencers, so are the smaller bloggers who have a large network of friends and other valuable contacts. They reach out to bloggers to simply take a look at their site and provide some feedback, aware that we hold just as much influence as anyone else. It's a very organic way of spreading the word about this growing startup company. Anyone who is that smart, gets a high five from me, and my unhappy bank account.

Goldilocks extra: If you would like to learn more, you can read the press release here, or just take my word for it.