Thursday, 9 January 2014

Goldilocks loves: Urban Decay Beauty Balm & Nail Colour

UD Nail colour and beauty balm
Image my own.
Before Christmas, I went into Debenhams to pick out a few things to include in my stocking. Rhys was kind enough to buy me Naked 2, and these two little gems. I don't think a Naked 2 review is necessarily needed because you can find them absolutely everywhere (although I may do a post on different eyeshadow combinations from the palette). If you've read my other reviews, you will know that Urban Decay is pretty much my go to brand for a lot of products- everything keeps it's promise, and it's also a cruelty free brand which is something that I look for.

Naked  Skin Beauty Balm
Price: £23 for full size (100ml) available from Debenhams

Goldilocks tip: I picked out the smaller size they have available, so I could try it out before committing. The 15ml travel size is only £9, so it's kinder on your bank balance. 

The Naked Beauty Balm is the UD version of the BB cream and it is a lovely formula- a happy medium between consistencies as it's not too runny and in the same respect it's not overly thick. It comes in one shade, and it pretty much adapts to your skin tone instantly and gives you a natural glow without your usual imperfections. Yes, it is that magical. A little of this product goes a long way, which I think is another thing I love about this brand. Just like with their eyeshadows, eyeliners and infamous eyeshadow primer, you don't waste any product because you don't need that much of it. It's a non greasy formula, and it makes an excellent primer which is what I've used it for recently. The only downside is this has a rather biscuity smell, so your face either smells like a pack of digestives for a few minutes or like fake tan. That said, I'm very picky about the odours that a lot of products have, and the best BB cream for that is the Garnier Miracle Perfector, because it smells just like raspberry yoghurt- the Petit Filous kind.

UD Nail Colour in Addiction

Urban Decay
Image: My own Instagram
Price: £10 for a full size bottle (9ml) available from Debenhams

Goldilocks favourite bits: The bottle. Not only is the glass so thick that it is quite heavy, but the cap is a glamourous silver with a skull on the top - complete with eyes made of roses. It was because of this that I also picked up one for a friend. it is an elegant bottle with a slight edge, which is something I knew she would appreciate.

These Urban Decay nail colours are limited edition, and they're definitely worth rushing out to get. I'm not really a nail polish snob, I'll pretty much buy anything as long as I like the colour, but I do prefer higher end brands like OPI. The formula for this is probably better than even my favourite OPI, it's so easy to apply and as I said about the beauty balm - a little goes a long way. I applied a thin first coat followed by a more generous coating, and it was the perfect amount. I'll admit it, I smudge things. I cannot be trusted to ever paint my nails without immediately smudging but with this polish the application is simple, you seem to have a lot of control over the product so you don't end up making mistakes. Hallelujah, it no longer looks like a five year old with the shakes did my nails. As for the colour options, the colours in this collection are decadent more than anything else. They are not your over produced and popular shades, but something else entirely. The shade I chose, Addiction, is a pretty glittery green concoction. I originally chose it because it was a festive colour, but it also reminded me of mermaids. Naturally, I had to have it.

Urban Decay Nail Polish in Addiction
Image: My own 
This second picture shows you my nails after 3 days - there's hardly any worn off pieces of polish bar on one nail, which is probably due to washing the dishes so we can blame Rhys for being too lazy to do them.

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