Friday, 31 January 2014

Goldilocks in Manhattan // Rewind to... Central Park

Central Park, New York, Chanel quote
Manhattan- the beloved home of Carrie Bradshaw's stoop on Perry Street, movie scene rooftop parties, the Empire State Building and Chuck Bass's hotel. It is also home to the most cherished scenes of man-made nature, Central Park. New York is renowned for inspiring writers, musicians and artists to tell stories, and among all of it's vibrancy and character it is home to a safe haven of 843 acres of man-made nature that sees 25 million visitors a year.

New York can behave brutally, and in all honesty it is probably better that way. While it's streets are uncomplicated and simple to navigate, it's inhabitants are not. The weather is temperamental at best, the cab drivers are questionable and the repetitive sound of car horns and sirens will play proudly on the streets of Midtown Manhattan like an orchestra. Don't you just love New York?

Central Park, New York
"I just want to go through Central Park and watch folks passing by. Spend the whole day watching people. I miss that."
Barack Obama  
With all of it's quirks and even it's bad eggs you reminded that you are in a real place with real people, and real dangers. You are not in a scene from your favourite movie, and even for the most adoring individual you will need a gentle escape from the piercing wind tunnels of the city, or somewhere to lose yourself in the sticky hotter months. I've visited Manhattan twice in December, and each time Central Park has gifted me with a silent solitude from the raw suffocation of the city streets. This is a gift you will be given with a no return policy, and you will unwrap it's bow and delve inside a world reminiscent of Narnia.

The park is a sacred place for many New Yorkers, with the bravest of them facing the unapologetic whip of the cold to go for their daily run, or to go for a gentle walk with their treasured dog. You will be welcomed by the many sculptures and monuments that guard the park's harmonious essence, and will stumble upon the many fountains that remind you of it's revitalising qualities. You will soon feel the pang of peckishness in your stomach and be grateful for the many vendors that await your custom. The salty scent of pretzels and honey roasted nuts will lead you down a trail of breadcrumbs to each vendor.

Central Park is all you would imagine it to be- restorative, effortlessly freeing and efficiently romantic. However, I would advise avoiding the park at night, where it becomes something else altogether. During the light of day it is an otherworldly source of life, and as you wander through you will be fixated by the dull golden sheen of the plaques that adorn each park bench, each with a story to tell. During your time exploring, you will sometimes be stood in complete isolation with no fear of being stood alone. There is no uneasy eeriness, or unwanted loneliness and there is no better place to embrace the feeling of belonging.

Central Park, New York, Winter, Snow

Central Park, New York, travel, snow, winter

central park, duck pond, new york, travel

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central park, nature, snow

central park, winter, new york