Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Grown Up Christmas List

We're seeing a lot of gift buying blogs, and a lot of bloggers' Christmas lists at the moment. What is it that we really want though? Most shopping bags aren't filled to the brim with fulfilled promises of eager twenty-somethings, so what would we ask for, if we really could?

Grown Up Christmas List

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1. Peace of mind
We wish we knew what it was like not to worry. Being an adult means brand new problems everyday, it's a magical time for all involved.

2. Time off
Most of us won't get a lot of time off throughout the year, especially during the festive season. This is the holy grail for everyone I know.

3. An open door
Most graduates have worked solidly to try and see their ambitions manifest into reality. The others have settled into jobs they would rather not have and that's okay too, as long as they feel the contentment we wish we could feel, too. As someone who has worked harder than I ever thought I'd need to after the sober realization that I was doomed to be stuck in a bar, I'd like an opportunity in my stocking. Santa, can you hear me? It could be worse, I could ask you to pay off my overdraft. Now there's a hefty request for you.

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4. Commitment to staying classy
To me, this doesn't mean holding my teacup with my little finger poking out - although I do that anyway. This means handling all situations with grace, and not rising to confrontational mishaps. We are judged on how we manage our lives and others, not on what everyone says about us. Holding your teacup properly and knowing the correct pronunciation of 'scone' won't hurt, though.

No more vomit on the carpet after Jager Bombs, then.

5. Loyalty.

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6. To save a life.
Every Christmas, animal rehoming centres face an increasing crisis. Back in 2010, the RSPCA estimated that 3 animals were abandoned every hour over the Christmas period. Sometimes these animals are simply left to their own devices and stranded at the side of the road. If I could ask Santa for less tear ducts, I would volunteer at a centre. But my little flat would soon become a Noah's Ark for unwanted and damaged strays. I already donate to charities every month, but I would love to do something for the local dog homes to fulfill the fluffy void I have in my life since I lost my beloved boxer dog Baby Jack in June.


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7. Naked3 - I mean, this is so obvious.

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8. Blake Lively's hair is majestic and no matter how hard I try I just cannot emulate it. Being blessed by the Hair Gods should be on all of our lists.

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These are 8 simple requests, but some of the hardest things to get. Yes Blake Lively's hair is almost impossible to achieve, we're far too poor for a weekly blow dry - but peace of mind is harder to find. We have too many needs, and far too many wants. Some things though, we can't help but need more of. More success, more life, more anything. If life has to be this much of a challenge at least it's good material for that book deal we all think we want. Silver bells, and silver linings- we are a generation built to look on the bright side. However, it has been a hard year- just give me some candy canes, Santa.