Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Help me, I want to be a journalist.

Some bloggers write as a side project, some make a reasonable living from it, and a lot of us do it because we want to be some sort of writer or a journalist. Those of us who do that are used to the struggling life of a writer, we know what it's like to suffer in order to perfect our craft. It involves spreading ourselves far too thin, and staring at a blank white page on Word in the ugly hours of the night. Then we go to our normal jobs looking like a homeless version of one of the witches from Hocus Pocus. It is a delightful experience of everybody.

Who even gets to be a journalist now? Is it anybody who can afford to do a Masters at a prestigious journalism school? Is it someone with the right connections? Or can we chalk it up to dumb luck? Journalism is one of the least secure career paths you can choose, stability is not on the cards and financially you're not in for a pot of gold unless you're secretly Piers Morgan. If you want to go into this field, you need a thick skin and an arrogant edge that tells you you're the best. You'll get no where without self belief.

These are the things I know about the path to getting your job as a writer or journalist. If you need me, I'll be sat in a corner chewing on my hair, because this job path has driven me to insane and unbelievable actions. Read all about it, Goldilocks ruined her hair! Suffered for art!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

525,600 minutes: A Goldilocks year in review.

Note: I don't often do personal posts, but as the year ends I think it's important to show growth. xo

2013: The Goldilocks Edition

The New Year
I started off this year at the top of the Empire State Building. The rest of the year was never going to compare to the harsh whips of wind against my face at the top of one of the most inspirational buildings in the world. It's the only building I can sketch from memory, and the only thing I draw from instinct. I had been to New York twice already, but this would be my last in a while and I sat in an accepting silence in that mustard yellow taxi back to JFK. Sometimes great loves have to stand still, until real life slows down. The day I came home and hit pause on my love for New York, I hit the start button on my relationship with Rhys.

UK Blog Awards 2014

Do you lovely readers enjoy my blog? If you do, take a quick detour to the Blog Awards UK website and vote for me. Just follow the link below, sign up, and then place your vote. If all else fails, type "Goldilocks Notebook" into the search bar on the Blog Awards homepage, and you'll find me. I've just hit over 10,000 page views, and it's all because some of you find me a little bit interesting. Thanks for the memories, xoxo.

Goldilocks Face Time - Benefit: Hello Flawless and The Porefessional

After some debate over which foundation to buy next, I was caught between two choices; MAC Studio Fix and the much hyped Benefit Hello Flawless. The decision was made when I went into Debenhams and the MAC counter was far too busy for me to find a match. After seeing my sister use Hello Flawless and with some hard earned tips to burn, I headed to the Benefit counter. After being matched up to the right shade, I also invested in the much loved Porefessional, Benefit's most popular and infamous primer.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Disney's Frozen warms up The Snow Queen

Image: Disney
 The 53rd animated film from Walt Disney, Frozen draws upon Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen as it's icy inspiration. It revolves around two royal sisters, who have been left to inherit the throne following their parents' premature death. The eldest sister, Elsa, has uncontrollable powers in which she can summon and control ice and snow, and after a close call with her sister, Anna, she is forced to "conceal, don't feel". She locks herself away until Coronation Day, while her sister spends her days alone and confused as to why she has been shut out. After Elsa loses control of her powers on Coronation Day, she sets into motion an endless winter, and exiles herself to the mountains. Anna leaves her brand new love interest Hans to take care of royal matters, and sets off into the mountains to find her sister. There's also a snowman named Olaf, built by Elsa (he likes warm hugs), a grumpy ice salesman named Kristoff and a reindeer named Sven who I want to be my new best friend. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Grown Up Christmas List

We're seeing a lot of gift buying blogs, and a lot of bloggers' Christmas lists at the moment. What is it that we really want though? Most shopping bags aren't filled to the brim with fulfilled promises of eager twenty-somethings, so what would we ask for, if we really could?

Grown Up Christmas List

Image - Pinterest
1. Peace of mind
We wish we knew what it was like not to worry. Being an adult means brand new problems everyday, it's a magical time for all involved.

2. Time off
Most of us won't get a lot of time off throughout the year, especially during the festive season. This is the holy grail for everyone I know.

3. An open door
Most graduates have worked solidly to try and see their ambitions manifest into reality. The others have settled into jobs they would rather not have and that's okay too, as long as they feel the contentment we wish we could feel, too. As someone who has worked harder than I ever thought I'd need to after the sober realization that I was doomed to be stuck in a bar, I'd like an opportunity in my stocking. Santa, can you hear me? It could be worse, I could ask you to pay off my overdraft. Now there's a hefty request for you.