Thursday, 28 November 2013

The importance of living a glittery life.

Image - Pinterest
The winter blues are something that I don't suffer from. I love the dark nights, vamped up nail polish and an excuse for more eyeliner. I also love Christmas, and ribbon curling. What I do suffer from, are graduate blues. I imagine it feels like what winter feels like for those devoted to the warmer months. It must feel endlessly hollow, and excruciatingly dull.

In times of crisis, I turn to things that make me feel myself again. A few years ago, my Twitter bio read "I like to sparkle". I was reminded of this by my old housemate while at university in Swansea and it's something I try not to forget. We live in ordinary circumstances, we are ordinary people with ordinary lives, but we need the belief that we can be extraordinary. Otherwise, why did we waste our money on tuition fees?

A recent article featured in The Guardian reported that half of recent UK graduates are working in non graduate jobs, demonstrating the battle that young people have to secure entry level employment. More of us are settling for low income jobs just to be in employment, and our reputations will suffer if we do this for too long. We will be the generation that couldn't.

Winter will end and even in the blackest of cold nights, there's always a string of fairy lights to illuminate the dark. If all else fails, buy something that reminds you of your light. Unless like me, you're always maxed out. In which case I don't have any advice for you except do something- it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's something productive. Learn a new language, research a new topic, learn how to make gingerbread men from scratch - just do something.

Graduates cannot let their current situation dull the promise that lives inside them. We could read some inspirational books, a few famous quotes, or we could go shopping. So I've included some things that may help you keep shining during the cold. These will light up your life, even if only for the time being. Luckily for us, style can express our personalities even when we have trouble doing it ourselves.

Goldilocks Glitter

Sequin clutch - Accessorize, £15
Beaded blazer, Asos - £58

Knit dress - Next, £35
Black and gold dress, Lipsy - £65
Stud vest, Next - £14

Sequin Bolero, Next - £45

Headband - Miss Selfridge, £25
Left to right: Barry M in Lady, e.l.f in Golden Goddess, Nails Inc in Soho Silver, Sephora by O.P.I in Already Famous and Models Own in Golden Green.

Image - Tumblr

This festive season, twenty somethings are lucky to even get some time off, without getting something delightfully sparkly in their stocking. As we shrug off last year's winter coat we realise that all that glitters is not gold. But we wish it could be.

Do you sparkle?