Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Choices - Featuring Philosophy and H&M

Thanks to the usually frugal Tax Man and a generous rebate, yesterday marked the beginning of my mission of being the best poor Santa ever. A lifetime of adoring the festive season has prepared me for the queues of cynical old men, the impossible bargain hunting, and for getting sellotape stuck in my hair. As I know how poor we twenty-somethings are, I am sharing my best buys of the day. Now, I know you are eager to see everything, but some will have to wait or I'll spoil everyone's Christmas surprises, you cotton headed ninnymuggins! Before you go and sulk, here are my favourites from yesterday's spree, and they'll make you smell like baked goods.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake

Full price: £14
Goldilocks Tip: Like with my Urban Decay purchases, I recommend buying this at Debenhams. At the moment, if you buy any 2 products in Philosophy you get a full size bath and shower gel - there is also 10% off all products. That is an extra Christmas present for absolutely no cost at all (or sneakily keep it for yourself, like I am), and you get the Beauty Club points. Yesterday alone I racked up more than enough points to exceed my target of my £5 bonus, hallelujah - it's a Christmas miracle and I'm buying foundation.

Product Rating: 5/5
Price: Undecided. I had this for free, but these usually cost £14, which is a bit pricey for something you'll probably use up quite quickly.
Brand: 5/5, I also picked up a gift set from them and the packaging sold it to me perfectly.

H&M Body Splash

Full price: £2.99
H&M are just marvellous at placing all their little stocking fillers by the tills, which is intended for people like myself who will pick up anything while they queue to numb the pain of listening to people complain behind them. I use H&M a lot at Christmas time, generally for my friends and for my sister. This was something originally intended as an extra stocking filler, but then it settled on my hand. By the time I got home I decided it would live in my handbag. The body splash in Pink Macaroon is a lovely and enthralling scent, so it's perfect if you stick to sweet smells. For £2.99 I'm going back for more of these until they're out of stock.

These are perfect for me as I'm always looking for sprays to carry in my bag for work, as I refuse to waste my beloved Vera Wang just to be masked by Guinness and Sambuca. I'm sorry for being poor, okay?

Goldilocks Tip: If you buy it now, it comes in the nifty H&M festive shopping bags. Gimme.

Product rating: 5/5 - The fragrance lasted from the time I sprayed it in store until I went to sleep.
Price: 5/5 - If you're only spending a few pounds it's much better to buy this than something from Tesco that a 12 year old keeps in their school bag. That's the truth.
Brand: H&M are great at bringing out the goods at this time of year and they really up their game. All of my sister's presents are from here and if she doesn't make me breakfast as thanks then I'm shunning her.

What do you want in your stocking this year? And no, Ryan Gosling does not count.