Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review: E.L.F launches first European store in Cardiff's Royal Arcade, and it's so shiny.

Side note: I generally do not post beauty blogs, I don't brand myself as anything other than a blogger.  Unlike a mass of beauty bloggers, I don't get boxes of free stuff so if I review something you will get my honest opinion. However, I know enough about makeup from a lifetime of compulsive beauty hoarding, and I  know people are excited about the topic I'm about to review. I think everyone should know about shiny new discoveries, which leads me to this.

Cardiff is the brand new home of e.l.f Cosmetics (Eyes, Lips, Face, for those of you not in the know). The new store in Cardiff city centre is the first to arrive in Europe. While many are already acquainted with the brand and have praised it for both it's quality and it's pricing, it is new to many British shoppers.The brand recently sponsored Cardiff Fashion Week, and it's reputation locally is getting off to a glittering start.  I went along to the store opening this morning in the Royal Arcade, situated in the heart of Cardiff. The location of the store is one of it's most appealing features. It is well known around Cardiff that some fear that "The Arcades" are losing their appeal since the arrival of St Davids 2 shopping center. The Arcades host some of Cardiff's best known and loved treasure troves, and it's about to get glamourous. The arrival of e.l.f should draw many younger female shoppers into the arcade, and it is a great publicity tool for Morgan Quarter.

The store is immaculate. It is decently sized, clean, and a simply designed and structured boutique. It is also filled with an avalanche of beauty products, and I feared my credit card was doomed from the moment I set eyes on the store. Much to my delight, I was able to buy more than enough to provide me with enough pep to face work, all for a beautiful £31.20.

Now for the fun part, unpacking the bag.

Bottom left to right:
Tone Correcting Powder - £3.75
Baked Eyeshadow in Bark - £3.75
e.l.f studio fan brush - £3.75
Nail polish in Misty Haze - £2.50
Dramatic Eyelash Collection - £4.504
Baked Eyeshadow Pallette in California - £10.00
Cotton tote: £2.95
 This is the Misty Haze polish, for £2.50 it's tempting to buy every colour in the store. I paired it with OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark for a plum tinged Autumn nail. The formula isn't too thick like you get with a lot of glitter polishes, it's easy to apply as well as being a bargain. What a bonus!
As you can see the Dramatic Eyelash set comes with two sets of lashes, adhesive glue, plus a set of tweezers. I'm always losing eyelashes to this is a perfect price and product for a lot of us.

The fan brush was the first thing I picked up. I've been longing for a fan brush for a long time, but the price is always far too high for me to commit. I saved a lot of dollar on this one.
The Tone Correcting Powder is one of my favourite buys. The powder itself is so lightweight and the colours aren't too harsh on the skin.
This one is actually my favourite of my purchases. The Baked Eyeshadow Palette in California. I am very much devoted to Urban Decay palettes, but that said, I am always fond of a dupe. This one reminds me of Naked 2, which is something that has always been a bit too expensive for me. The pigment  in this set is lovely and I always like a slight shimmer to my eyeshadows. They're not as strong as UD shadows, but you can build these up so easily if you need a heavier look.

Overall, I loved my experience there today. Anything that can make me grin like a chimp as I walk through the door at work is something worth having.