Thursday, 31 October 2013

Magic, Sparkle, and a Fluffy Scottie - It's an M&S Christmas Spectacular

Image: Marks and Spencer
As adoring as I am of the annual Coca Cola truck and Santa's twinkly eyes and friendly face on my television, the Marks and Spencer Christmas campaign is one of my favourite things of the entire year. In fact, the actual shop is one of my favourite things of the year once they've stocked up on all their Christmas goods - Yes, I do need a mini teapot with a tea cosy and yes Mother, you will buy it for me or there will be tiny tears.  Last year's Greatest Hits campaign left me bored and wanting more, after years of becoming accustomed to a more glittery and heartwarming offering. The problem was, I didn't care about the products as the stars. I wanted snow, glimmer, and exuberance-I wanted a show, dammit! It seems as though M&S have reverted back to their trusty old Christmas staple, Magic and Sparkle, a concept from the 2001 campaigns.

"With this year’s ad we wanted to recapture the magical essence of Christmas that our customers tell us is synonymous with M&S." - Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Director of Marketing and Business Development

The retail brand released a teaser trailer for the advert on Wednesday 30th October, and the full advert will be launched online on Monday 4th November, before being televised next Wednesday evening. M&S are also letting their customers decide the name of the Highland Terrier featured in the advert, the dog (to be named either Magic or Sparkle) will then take viewers on a magical journey throughout the 2 minute advert. The dog is essentially the entire campaign in anthropomorphic form, and we would much rather be taken on a white frosty adventure by a snow white Scottie dog with his little clinking collar than by some corporate figure. If you're letting me in on naming the dog, I feel far more attached. Well played, Marks and Sparks.

The advert pays homage to famous stories such as The Wizard of Oz, Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland. The campaign also features Rosie Huntington-Whitely, David Gandy, and Helena Bonham-Carter as their main stars. The fairytales and star power alone should be enough to capture the enchanting essence of Christmas, along with a large audience. If that fails, they have good old Magic or Sparkle the Scottie, to lead you down the rabbit hole into M&S's sparkling Christmas spectacular.

Marks and Spencer Press Release
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Side note: I don't care that Christmas is commercialised and overexposed. Just give me a dog and a sparkly treat. The treat is for me, obviously.