Thursday, 5 September 2013

Days before 9/11 anniversary, 'War weary' Obama faces hostile choices.

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In the days before the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the United States is once again faced with grim conflict and images of war. Barack Obama is determined to hold Syria and the Assad regime accountable for an attack on August 21st which killed 1,429 of it's own people, of which over 400 were children.

There is evidence which suggests that these civilians were victims to a chemical weapon known as Sarin gas. The gas causes a grisly death for it's victims. The effect of Sarin is the paralysis of general lung function, the victims will experience suffocation, vomiting, and convulsions in the 15 minutes it will take them to die. This alone is a terror tactic to intimidate rebellion and terrify civilians into submissive assent.

The American public seem undecided and sceptical towards Obama's plans. The polarised American population is once again torn by decisions made by it's President, and unsure of his push to use military force against Syria. The President also faces obstacles elsewhere, as Russia is a road block towards a strike on Syria and Vladimir Putin is adamant to stand firm on his opposition to the plan.

President Putin has openly warned the United States against these actions, stating that any action made without the backing of the United Nations would be seen as an "act of aggression".

The G20 summit currently being held in Russia is set to cause a power struggle between two political heavy weights. At this time, President Obama stands alone in his decision to exercise military power over Syria following the United Kingdom's rejection to intervene. Russia is a powerful ally of Syria, whose secular government and dictatorship set alight a civil war that will define a generation. Russia sends weaponry into the country, and is keen to maintain military alliance as Syria is home to a Russian Naval installation.

The choices that can be made by the United States are slim. They are unable to ship arms and weapons to rebels as that is likely to promote anarchy and do more harm than good. It would promote in-rebel fighting and likely lead to another war. The United States made this mistake during the Civil War of Afghanistan in the 1990's and seems hesitant to repeat it's mistake. They cannot send US military into action as it would cause massive civilian casualty. Peace treaties also seem unlikely as neither party seems eager to come to an agreement, and there is no figure on the rebel side to sign the treaty and represent the group.

President Obama's intention is not to end the war, as it is more than unlikely that the war will end following strikes from the United States. The intention, however, is to reprimand Assad for the use of chemical weapons, and to deter him from future use. The use of chemical weapons is forbidden and well known, and as Obama stated "an international norm". The 1925 Geneva Convention prohibited such acts, forbidding the use of poisonous gases and bacteriological methods of warfare. The decision made by Obama poses similarity to the decision made by Bill Clinton in 1998 when the United States joined forces with the United Kingdom to bomb Iraq.

Obama himself has admitted to being "war-weary" and has avoided US involvement for over two years. He said, "I'm somebody who opposed the war in Iraq and I am not interested in basing decisions on false intelligence." Obama pleased voters in 2008 when he laid heavy criticism on the Bush administration for the Iraq war, however if he refuses to act now or backs down then he makes a political mockery of his own position as Commander in Chief. He will look weak and isolated, and the already damaged relationship with Russia will continue to fray.

The reality is that this war could continue for years and may never see a triumphing victor. The days that loom before 9/11 are clouded with more violence, leaving the United States in the dust as it disappoints many of it's people. That said, countries do what they have to do and toleration for chemical weapons is non existent. We hope it's a victory when you fire away, Mr. President.

Note: All opinions expressed are purely my own and open to speculation. I am not one of those who believes the conspiracy behind this, and I believe such choices for super powers such as US are unavoidable. Anyone who has a good argument can argue with me, otherwise you can Shh. I do not condone war and I do not believe in violent answers. Enough with Illuminati and conspiracy jibba jabba, ain't nobody got time for that. After all, this is life and death - your conspiracies and speculation disrespect that entire truth.