Thursday, 11 July 2013

Class of 2012: One Year On, Two Credit Cards Later

Time flies when you're having fun. And when you're sinking into debt. C'est la vie, friends. We are not in it alone. That day was almost a year ago, when we looked ahead with ferocity and a slight naivety towards the job market.

Unfortunately for me, I am one of those made for movies sorts - I have not exactly achieved my goals since that beautiful rainy day where I tipped my cap to the alumni. I am the character that has the over dramatic scenarios bull dose their way towards my general direction. I have lost friends, moved out, found work - but strictly in hospitality. For a while it seemed like even that was a challenge. Thanks for that 6p tip, buddy.

15.06.2013 - Goodbye, to my best friend.

This is one of those posts I have refused to face. I know I have to do it, as I did for Alfie. Back in February, we lost our favourite old bear - our old boxer dog, Alfie. Last month, we lost Jack.

Its one of those emotional car wrecks that few can understand. Grief affects everyone, in different ways. They told me to write about it, it's a cathartic process. They said it will help. They say there are five distinct stages of grief, acceptance is the worst. It means making room in your life for the change, and for the loss. It means knowing you'll never get to share Marmite on toast with him again.