Sunday, 21 April 2013

22 lessons from being 22.

Being 22 is the new thing. Taylor Swift sings about it. People treat it like it's the new 21. For me, it was my biggest year of growth, and the year when life hurled every possible damaging and heart wrenching challenge in my general direction. But it was also a year where I had the most fun, the year I moved on, and the year I grew up more than I thought was possible.

Things My Daddy Taught Me.

When I went to university, I got on with my parents far better than I ever did when I lived at home. When I moved back home after graduating, I reverted back to a stroppy teenage mentality. When I left home again, I regressed into a dreamy and helpless childlike state, and realised how much I took for granted. People are easily misunderstood. During my teenage years there wasn't a moment where I actually understood my father. As I got older, it became easier. We can agree on what to watch on Sky now, which obviously is the most important thing in life. While we're on that subject, the fact my dad voluntarily watches MTV's The Valleys, and enjoys it, means he earns his share of dad points.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Disaster Marathons: The Boston Explosions

For anyone who turned on the television last night, it was something we might have wished we hadn't done. Aerial images of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon explosions saturated the news, and the amount of blood stained ground and juxtaposition of events was enough to make you want to turn the television straight back off.