Monday, 11 March 2013

Life Tips from a 2 Year Old for 22 Year Olds.

For those who don't know this about me, I live with my friend Emily and her daughter Layla. To be brutally honest this would terrify most people, but Layla should be everybody's hero - that's not even a little bit biased as she really is that hilarious. She knows what matters in life - You know, things like Disney DVD's and chocolate milk. Layla is two, and now she can speak in almost full sentences. Of course, sometimes this in code so grown ups don't understand. I know this because sometimes I'm mentally two years old (like when I cry because I drop my favourite lipstick and it snaps in half). As I am not a successful grown up yet, she trusted me to share her life advice for all you struggling twenty somethings out there.

Layla's Life Tips

1. "Please stop."
No one needs to raise their voice unless absolutely necessary. The same goes for changing the television channel.

2. Chocolate is great for fixing all boo boos.
Once, Layla woke up while Emily was out. She screamed and I panicked. Chocolate buttons came along and saved us both from permanent ear damage. Everything in moderation, kids.

3. Sometimes naps aren't so tactical and can mean a crying crisis.
In fact, naps can make your mood far worse than it needs to be.

4. Throwing a tantrum either results in getting your own way or being put on the naughty step.
I'm still perfecting this one. I think Layla will be proud when my 22 year old tantrums actually work to my advantage.

5. Going to the shop never ends well.
When Layla wants to go to the shop, she likes to complain about being sat in the trolley. When I want to go to the shop, I realise pay day isn't for another week and I can't buy dry shampoo. We all have issues, okay?

6. Nothing bad lasts forever.
A 2 year old hissy fit doesn't last long, and falling over only hurts for a little bit. Pick yourself back up, and when you smile again so will everyone else around you. Laughter is contagious.

Maybe we should stop overcomplicating life. Maybe we should go back to basics and remember the simple things from the days where our biggest problem was not being able to tie our own shoes. We all need to remember things from our childhood, like don't tell tales and don't take someone else's toys. There's always room to grow, even when we think we're too old to be taught anything new.