Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What Girls Do When They Get a Flat Tyre.

Image by Ktoine,
Disclaimer: I'm not saying all girls do this. Some of you could probably change tyres, fit exhausts, and other things I don't know how to do. But this is what happens to me.

1. Is it my car making that sound? Surely not.
2. Maybe that is my car.
3. What's with the sudden bumps? Stupid potholes, why do I even pay the friggin' road tax?
4. Oh shit, the tyres. Maybe I can make it home. Maybe not.
5. Hmm. This is interesting. There appears to be a puncture of some sort.
6. Where would one find the spare tyre?
8. Oh. There it is. What an ingenious invention.
9. Now how to put it on.
10. Daddy please?

This happened last time I got a flat in the Summer, and probably what will happen in the future. Next time I'll pay attention when someone changes my tyre. Also when someone changes the bulb in my headlight, funnily enough the local police aren't very fond of drivers who have a light out at night. My bad, Officer. I'll give you a cookie if you let me go without scolding me with your law abiding ways? Wait, bribery is an offence. Never mind then, consider me scolded.