Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Relationship Obstacle #2: Working Together - Bar Staff Edition

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"If Barack Obama can do it, why can't I?" - Rhys Cronin (Bar Staff, Boyfriend)

Couples in the workplace are a common occurrence, and the issues that are tied to the situation are even more common. It is less of a problem if you aren't put to work the same times, the normality of relationship routine continues with 'How was your day?' However, relationship boundaries are tested when working the same hours, depending on the industry you've both chosen (or are just stuck in).

Relationship Obstacle #1: You

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Yes, you. You're your own worst enemy. Hands up if you know this is true. Now that's out of the way, we can all have coordinating t-shirts. Mine will say 'Slightly neurotic but mostly okay'. I personally think it's charming.

It's true when people say you have to be comfortable alone before you can be comfortable with someone else. But even the comfiest people fight the most raging of insecurities, nobody wants to lose something that took so long to find.

The thing with life is, everybody has a story to tell. Every single person has known emotional suffering, and you're not excused from your behaviour because of it. We can blame the people who have marked us with doubt, or we can thank them for the lesson and avoid ever speaking to them, ever again. Personally, I choose a solid method and pretend that person doesn't exist until the grief is over.. That's a lie, I still pretend they don't exist, but I do acknowledge the pivotal bitter sweet lessons they taught me and the lessons I taught myself (which include how to do tequila shots without a reaction, just so you know).

What Girls Do When They Get a Flat Tyre.

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Disclaimer: I'm not saying all girls do this. Some of you could probably change tyres, fit exhausts, and other things I don't know how to do. But this is what happens to me.

1. Is it my car making that sound? Surely not.
2. Maybe that is my car.
3. What's with the sudden bumps? Stupid potholes, why do I even pay the friggin' road tax?
4. Oh shit, the tyres. Maybe I can make it home. Maybe not.
5. Hmm. This is interesting. There appears to be a puncture of some sort.
6. Where would one find the spare tyre?
8. Oh. There it is. What an ingenious invention.
9. Now how to put it on.
10. Daddy please?

This happened last time I got a flat in the Summer, and probably what will happen in the future. Next time I'll pay attention when someone changes my tyre. Also when someone changes the bulb in my headlight, funnily enough the local police aren't very fond of drivers who have a light out at night. My bad, Officer. I'll give you a cookie if you let me go without scolding me with your law abiding ways? Wait, bribery is an offence. Never mind then, consider me scolded.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Like Wildfire: Why do we gossip so much?

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I will admit now, I love gossip. Now it's your turn, admit you love it. Now address why you do it.

We've grown up in a generation where gossip has become more important than ever. It keeps web traffic alive on TMZ, it put bloggers like Perez Hilton on our radar, and it started shows like Gossip Girl, casting a spotlight on our obsessions with each other's lives. More importantly, our obsessions with seeing people we love and equally the people we hate, fall off the pedestal we've built for them.

We love to talk, and it's not just women, either. Men are just as guilty as women in indulging in the art of secret sharing. We share information that is not ours to divulge, but we enjoy being the one to know all the gossip. In the course of gossip sharing it all becomes like a game of Chinese Whispers, and so it becomes impossible to find the perpetrator of big mouth syndrome. It is in fact, the perfect crime. We like to believe that information is power, and when we know the sordid details of a mistake that nobody else does, there's a sense of superiority.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Places I Like to Hide: Coffee Barker

I've battled with myself over whether to blog about my favourite local places, but after quietly stewing on it for a few days I decided to do it- for the benefit of all you lovely people, obviously. I'll be sharing my Cardiff secret hideaways with you as and when I find them.

After years of over exposure to Starbucks and Costa, and as loyal as I am to Starbucks and their red cups during the biting months of winter- the obvious draw back is that chain coffee shops lack the charm of locally established brews, along with the hefty price tag of what is actually an average tasting coffee.

Coffee Barker lies in the Castle Arcade of the City Centre, and I was brought to this coffee shop about a year ago with a friend. When I started working in the city in October there were few places I could go for a moment of reflection without the hustle of the city's sometimes boisterous inhabitants, and I returned here for coffee. It is rarely empty, so choose your timing wisely.