Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Newsroom: I Tried to Hate It, Really.

The first thing you should know about The Newsroom? I shouldn't like it. But I do.  

The opening scene of the pilot is evidence enough of the void that was left following the end of The West Wing. The kind of television that evokes a reaction and pinches the audience so that they jump at the harshness of the opening dialect. The kind of television we didn't notice we were missing  until it was right in front of us. The scripting that appeared in that opening scene set up the rest of the pilot to be very well written, and very Aaron Sorkin-like.

Tweet Me Maybe: Social Networking and Graduates

Huffington Post published a blog on Monday about the use of social networking and job hunting, right as I had the idea for this post. It argues how social media can actually benefit your job search, given how employers seek out extra information on their potential employees. Employers are seeking the social networking profiles to give them even a basic idea of who they are hiring, and more graduates are failing to recognise that what got them into the 'LAD' culture of university, will only hurt their chances of being chosen over another stand out candidate.