Friday, 9 March 2012

Quick Comment: Video Games

Photo taken from official trailer of The Road We've Traveled.
The trailer for The Road We've Traveled, the 17 minute David Guggenheim documentary chronicling President Obama's first term in office, was released yesterday.

Critics will claim that the documentary is an extended campaign ad in disguise, over hyped and brimming with sensationalism, glossy effects and forced interviews in favour of Barack Obama's record. Even the sceptics can't deny that it is a clever move at this point in the race where voters are bombarded with the dirty ads of the GOP candidates and the Republican electorate is at a clear divide. President Obama is pushing the positivity at this stage, before the gruelling race against the ultimate GOP winner begins and the gauntlets are thrown down, when that stage is eventually reached.

The film is narrated by Tom Hanks and Guggenheim claims he is 'in awe' of Mr. Obama, and in an interview with Piers Morgan for CNN admitted the hardest part of filming was finding a balanced approach, 'The negative for me was that there were too many accomplishments'. Something tells me Guggenheim is a little bit of a Obama fanboy. There are worse crosses to bear, one can argue. Who didn't fall in love with Obama's smooth little sing song of Al Green at that now infamous fundraiser in January? I vote for Obama to do some Barry White next.What better narrator to use than the calm tones of Tom Hanks? Woody the Cowboy himself is a favourite across the nation, it adds a certain amount of credibility to the documentary, even if people do wonder how he much he was paid to take part.

The film will debut on the 15th of March and subscribers of will be notified as to where they can view the film. It is expected to air in campus halls, campaign offices and some available theatres across the country. As for my stance on the film? Two words, I'm in. Smart game play, Team Obama. Republican candidates, it's  your move.

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