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Nuts and Bolts: The iPad 3

Apple have launched a new model of the much loved tablet the iPad, so what's with all the hype? Read more for a deliciously quick and easy to understand overview of Apple's new addition.

Tech Talk - The Basics iNeedToKnow

9.7 inch screen
LED-backlit glossy wide screen
2048x1536 Resolution
A5X Chip
5 mega pixel iSight camera
1080p HD video shooting capability with auto video stabilisation
10 hours battery life
Wi-Fi - 4G LTE
Bluetooth 4.0 technology
AirPlay video streaming to Apple TV - 1080p

Price - Starting at £399 and available from Apple

Apple describes it's product as 'Resolutionary' and the new iPad boasts a retina display, with four times more pixels than the last model with a colossal 3.1 million pixels on the screen. It also includes a dual core A5X chip, which without all the tech speak means the iPad itself runs quicker even with this graphics chip. It has been pointed out by Mashable that the new tablet takes considerably longer to charge, though with all it's new features it's not worth putting in the negatives column.

The resolution breakthrough is the selling point on this new generation of iPad. In a consumer world transfixed with HD and 3D televisions, the iPad can now offer up to one million more pixels than your average HD TV. This 9.7 inch tablet can now rival the display of a 50inch HD television, smart move Apple. The internet capabilities on the new model are also astonishingly fast, however, Apple limits its data downloads from the App Store to 50MB, which may be an irritation to those who thought faster connections meant faster downloads. The faster internet speeds will make live streaming a pleasant and stress free experience without the annoyance of buffering, so watching news bulletins, campaign ads and Barack Obama's 'The Road We've Traveled' documentary is a quick and seamless streaming experience.


FaceTime, iCloud, Safari, Photo Booth - the usual list of suspects are all included in the new model of the iPad. One which really struck me is the Newsstand app. This app compiles all your newspaper and magazine subscriptions into one place, making it that much easier to keep up to date on who's winning what in the 2012 GOP race, or to keep up to date on President Obama's approval ratings. The app updates itself automatically without your interaction, so it runs in the background while you're busy doing other things.

NYTimes app - Image courtesy of Apple
Available from the App Store is the new improved version of New York Times for iPad. The New York Times election coverage and The Caucus blog are my go to for election news, delegate updates and analysis. The New York Times often gets criticised by other news websites and bloggers, but personally I find that their election coverage is some of the most in depth and thorough pieces of research I have come across.

Of course the existing apps such as Photo Booth can make it all the easier for supporters to show their support and Tweet the pictures to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, or whoever gets their vote. The interactive apps and social networking equivalent apps give an indication to the campaigns as to how their candidates are being received by the public.

The Barack Obama campaign launched an official Obama 2012 app for the iPhone and the iPad, which allows supporters to receive breaking news bulletins, donate to the campaign, or watch videos and find events.
Image courtesy of Obama for America at

The Washington Post also created a WP Politics app, which is filled with the latest polling data and news for those interested in following the campaign trails. This app is one which boasts the most thorough of campaign information for political junkies, as it includes historical campaign history dating from 1789. For an extra $2.99, iPad users can gain access to additional features such as an unlimited supply of articles and coverage compared to the free package which allows access to the previous 48 hours worth of published content.

Full lists of apps available here and here

The downside with Apple is it's constantly upgrading it's products. Many of the existing apps will be incompatible with the new iPad and users will have to wait for the compatible apps to be launched. Not long since the release of the iPad 2 has the new iPad been launched in it's place, leaving consumers wondering if it's worth waiting for the next big thing.

One more thing...

Personally, I've not bought into the tablet craze. I'm traditional in my ways and loyal to my computer. However, Apple's new upgrade, even I would take a bite-  but you know, when the price goes down, I am a student after all.

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